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Helen O'Hara

Helen O'Hara

I’ve been running since my 20s and this was the starting point for me in understanding how to train the body effectively to improve my running times and form. I worked with my own running coach for 5 years and the benefit I gained was not only the huge improvements it made to my running performance, but to my lifestyle and thinking.

I changed my lifestyle to fit my training sessions in while still achieving a balance with family, life and work, and this experience means I can help and encourage clients to work out how to fit exercise into their busy lives.

I trained across all race distances from 5k to the marathon (even have one triathlon under my belt!) and achieved some decent times as a result of some very hard sessions and long runs around the roads of Essex. My coach and I continually changed the training sessions and adapted my training plan to ensure I reduced my risk of injury while improving my running which meant I spent time cross training on the bike and swimming to save my legs for the key run sessions.


Like everyone though I had my struggles with injury and, while at times these prevented me from running, I always had options (hours of aqua-jogging in the pool for one!) so I never had to stop training completely plus I always came back stronger from these setbacks.

The core strength sessions were a game changer for me though; I spent 2 sessions in the gym each week working on all over strength but in particular core strength. I loved these sessions and I could really see and feel a difference in my running.

Now with the right balance of training, nutrition and recovery I was racing faster and stronger than ever. My love for this process of improvement and commitment became my motivation to qualify as a running coach and Personal Trainer.


Having my two boys in 2014 and 2016 meant my life then changed dramatically! I regained fitness sensibly after giving birth and this was definitely helped by being fit before and during the pregnancies.

Regaining fitness quickly wasn't my goal however, and at times exercise was daunting. I was no longer able to follow a plan or commit to training like I had done in the past. Despite my best efforts my circumstances and energy levels didn’t allow it, so I adapted.

I had to fit exercise into short bursts during nap times and so my ethos of creating sensible, effective exercise for 20 - 30 minutes at a time began here! Not only did I start to feel good again but my energy levels increased and I realised that I didn't have to train like I used to; I just had to find a way of exercising with this new life and with small people around! 

I practiced the new style sessions on my NCT group of mums after my first born and they worked! Everyone enjoyed exercising together; the shorter sessions were feasible with newborns, so from here my personal training business started....


Contact me today to find out more or click here to see what my clients and friends have to say!

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