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Success Stories
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Running Coach


Helen I just wanted to drop you a note to say how truly grateful I am for the planning, coaching and support you gave me in preparation for Manchester Marathon! Your attention to detail was so encouraging, the way you continually touched base and revised the plan based on how the training was going, pushing me through the good bits and supporting me through the tough bits. I felt you were with me every step of the way! And to got a huge PB was truly the icing on the cake and got me a space at London Marathon! 


As they say ..... never again! Until the next time ... 


Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness


I absolutely loved my sessions with Helen!

After having my first baby I really struggled with motivation and time to lose weight... So after my second baby I booked up sessions with Helen. She showed me so many exercise techniques that were really effective and I could fit into my day with the children. I always felt energised and motivated after our sessions.

 A big highlight for me was that I could bring my baby to the sessions. And whilst I was getting a good work out he could sit and watch. If he cried, Helen would pacify him while I carried on. That was a massive win for me! Having some much needed me time, releasing endorphins, whilst the little man sat happy. 

I would highly recommend Helen for anyone looking to get into shape. I learnt so many simple yet very effective exercises that really engaged my core.

Thank you Helen

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Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness


I have worked with Helen to recover my fitness level after both of my children. I love the flexibility and variety of the sessions, and really look forward to them each week. 

Fitness is a fundamental part of both my physical and mental health, but it can be a struggle to fit in and also for me, was difficult to know what I could safely do and achieve after two complicated labours. Helen taught me to be patient with my body, how to fit fitness in around a hectic family life, and also how to have fun with it too!

She strikes a perfect balance of pushing me just the right amount. She has also become a great friend ️:)


Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness


Prior to having a baby I was relatively fit and found post baby training a bit of a shock which is what led me to contacting Helen. She was fantastic with assessing what level I was at initially and then throughout always pushing me to do a bit more but without me feeling it was too much. 

Sessions were varied and she always managed to adjust for my ever growing list of injuries. Best of all she listened to my moaning without batting an eyelid!


Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness


I had a few sessions with Helen before I had my baby and they really helped making me feel energised throughout my pregnancy. Postnatally, I was really struggling for motivation to get out of the house and also lose the baby weight! Helen came to my house, got me out in the garden and pushed me to start slow and build up to getting my confidence back. I am truly grateful to Helen and Totality Health & Fitness for making me feel it was possible to have a newborn and get back to being me!


Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness


I liked the fact that the sessions were short enough to feel like I had, had a work out but not too long that they felt like a chore or that I had left my little boy for too long. It felt good to get back into fitness after being out of it for such a long time. 

Helen was so personable and easy going. She would always recap on what we had done previously, talk me through the plan at the start of the session and advise me how to correct any exercises. She would encourage me to repeat them until I got them right to make sure I was doing the right movements and not injuring myself. If I did experience any pain during my sessions Helen would always suggest an alternative, more comfortable position for the exercise or suggest we avoid certain exercises.

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Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness


I met Helen at our antenatal NCT class and after we had our babies, Helen organised a weekly fitness camp. I was absolutely terrified! Despite being reasonably fit before pregnancy, I was scared - I had done no real exercise for a while and now my body was completely different, I was tired and doubted if I could do it?!


With Helen as a supportive and brilliant trainer, I could - she has been fantastic.  Helen is great, calm and enthusiastic trainer - she knows her stuff, she pushes you to your ability but let's you take exercise to where you want it to go, she corrects your posture and helps you make the most of your time there.


Ultimately, Helen has made me feel comfortable about exercising again and has supported our group to get our fitness back (and me into a wedding dress!). Thank you!


Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness


I started with Helen, desperate to get my pre-pregnancy body back. 4 months in, I feel great. I feel both fitter and leaner. Helen makes every session interesting, changing it up all the time with both the strength and running sessions.  Helen also helps me at home by setting me further sessions to suit my own personal goals and lifestyle. She has the ability to make you feel like you are being trained by a friend, whilst always pushing you to your limits. I would recommend Helen to anyone.

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Personal Training


Jane came to me for advice and exercise which would help her ski most days on a week's holiday with her family, across 3 generations!


I enjoyed my sessions, I was encouraged to think about balance etc. which is important for skiing and learning that I could do the exercises made me confident that I could ski.

There was plenty of variety and I felt I could ask any questions of Helen

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Running Coach

Gill Challis

Having a marathon plan written for me was so beneficial as I knew what I was doing and when, and I didn't have to guess whether I was on track. It was also beneficial to have someone to chat to about the plan and make changes where necessary. 

Helen was very approachable and listened to my feedback, adjusting the plan to my lifestyle and level of running.


Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness


The thought of getting fit again post pregnancy was daunting. As a mum herself she understands what our bodies have been through during and after pregnancy, as a result her workouts are planned meticulously. Helen tailors each session to make it fun yet rewarding.


Running Coach


I first worked with Helen after taking up running back in 2009. Since then, my half marathon times have dropped from my first attempt at 2:32:55, to my recent personal best of 1:55:05.


Under Helen's guidance, I have not only cut down my times, but improved my running stance, diet and nutrition and mostly my overall attitude to fitting in my work-outs. She motivates when you are feeling tired, if it's raining out or you are about to make an excuse not to pull those trainers on.


Helen's assistance with my poor core technique has added to my overall fitness but undoubtedly improved my running (which in turn also helps when it gets close to that bikini time of the year!). Helen has a wide range of training and fitness plans to suit no matter what your goal is. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend as your next PT.

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