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About Us

Helen O'Hara

Having trained and raced for 5 years before having a family I realised how important regaining my fitness was after my first baby. I held fitness sessions for my NCT group and we found that it was a great way to get together, get outside and enjoy the feeling of a workout. My business started from here!


loved training my NCT group so I continued to run group fitness sessions while training new mums more closely on a 1:2:1 basis.

From my own experiences as a mum I know how daunting exercise can feel, how you feel like you might never get back to your pre-baby body or fitness and how much of an impact the tiredness has. I have found ways of getting a workout in during the busiest of days and I can testify that 20 minutes of programmed exercise, twice a week is all you need to begin with!

I have continued to train all types of client over the last 2 years, throughout my second pregnancy and beyond, and am now really excited to be developing my business and working with my husband and training partner for so many years, Chris.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Personal Trainer (Level 3)

  • Pregnancy & Postnatal Exercise Specialist (Level 3)

  • Gym Instructor (Level 2)

  • Assistant Coach (UK Athletics)

  • Race for Life Head Coach - 2016

    • Hosting Training Days

    • Coach at Race for Life events

    • Facebook Q&As

    • Articles and training plans written

    • Training Session for Amy Childs

  • Mum and Baby group Fitness classes

    • Instructor cover for WoMEn Time in Chelmsford & Live In Balance

  • Mum and toddler fitness sessions

  • Personal Trainer at Private Shenfield Studio (2015)

  • Running coaching - runners entering races from 5k to marathon (UK and abroad!)

  • Articles written for REPS magazine, mum and baby fitness classes feature in local paper