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About Us

Helen O'Hara

Chris O'Hara

Health and Fitness became our 'thing' in our late twenties. Running was the starting point for us and we trained together and raced together. After working with our own running coach we saw the huge improvements that we made not only to our running but to our lifestyle and thinking. We focussed on fitting in our training, being sensible with our nutrition and making sure we had the balance right for our recovery.

We soon found that we also loved helping other people achieve their fitness goals so started a lunchtime running club at work along with coaching and personal training sessions.

We have stayed true to our training principles since having a family and try and get the balance right but it's now much more of a challenge and we have had to adapt our own training and adjust our goals.

This is why we formed Totality Health & Fitness - we have trained with busy jobs knowing what we need to do to get the benefits from our training cycles.

Helen has regained fitness quickly after two pregnancies while extending her personal training to specialise in pre and postnatal fitness, and Chris is a Sports Massage Therapist.

We are now able to offer what we believe is a total package: targeted, specific training, nutritional advice and recovery through sports massage. We are passionate about what we do and truly believe in balance.


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