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Helen O'Hara

Exercise in one way or another has always been a part of my life. I was a swimmer for most of my teen years, then I drifted into early morning gym sessions (with no idea about what I was doing!) choosing to spend my evenings out drinking after work because that's a LOT of fun in your twenties ;)

In my late twenties however, I found running and was hooked!

Running was the real starting point for me in terms of understanding training the body to improve running times and form. I worked with my own running coach for 5 years and the benefit I gained was not only the huge improvements it made to my running performance but to my lifestyle and thinking.

I focussed on fitting in training, being sensible with nutrition and making sure I had the balance right for recovery. It also encouraged me to qualify as a PT and Running Coach.

Having my two boys meant my life changed dramatically! I regained fitness sensibly after my two pregnancies and this was helped by being fit before and during the pregnancies. Regaining fitness quickly wasn't my goal however, and at times exercise was daunting however as my lifestyle and circumstances didn't extend to being able to fit in lots of exercise, I had to fit it into short bursts during nap times!

My ethos of creating sensible, effective exercise for 20 - 30 minutes at a time began here, I practiced this on my NCT group of mums after my first born - and this is how my personal training business began.

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